Where is the need [to hurt another?]

Is this indeed a question that needs to be asked? Why is the need to oppress another for your own good even present [in your consciousness], why I ask?
        Do you know the answer? I would guess you claim to do so! Is this a meaningless ramble or do you (if you are honest) see a glimmer of light in the darkness? Do you therefore, wish for ‘freedom’ (for all), or do you [truly] mean it? How much must I impress this on your soul, before you can ‘see’ it?
A tired state of mind, I am found in.-Yet my friends, ponder this fact, how is it possible to condemn another if you have no concept of their vision?
Have yourselves a wonderful time people 🙂 Many thanks for reading this :)! {I am guessing that should have been reversed, but hey…)
    Peace :)!