Is life pre ordained? – a poem by Stuart Crossley – All Poetry—by-Stuart-Crossley


What is wrong with the world today?A worn out question?Perhaps. But,to my knowledge it has not been adequately answered to me on a personal level.Has it been for others,or do the same difficulties face them also?

On a theoretical level,true,that is true as far as I am concerned,but as for others I cannot [accurately]say,as I have already stated,so it would seem,I am destined to continually repeat myself…

… I wrote a letter which made no sense, so I wrote it again. I found that if I wrote my feelings ‘pon the page, I would find some form of solace. But alas I could find none, so what I thought I found was incorrect. Far across the ‘ ocean ‘, the girl, for whom I have confused feelings, resides. Does She (I adore her) ever think of me?   

I hid amongst the stars, and yet I could see no light. The surface of where I found myself had no substance. An accident was what I discovered. 

The present day finds me no closer to understanding life. There are many ideas, I grant you that…

…I trailed off on purpose (but of course you knew that) – The short version, no matter what anyone believes, as long as it harms none, is worthy of equal respect.