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“…If I cannot read,I cannot write.”

What was that supposed to mean?
I shall explain.

If one is not able read and so take in information,how can one use the imagination to it’s greatest use?

Therefore,how is it possible to write? Please do not get me wrong,I was not being literal,if information (in whatever form it comes in) comes to us,in a conversation ,for example,where is inspiration (in a true sense ,to be arrived at?) to come to us? Imagination is within us all,I grant you that,but inspiration of some form is needed to give us that spark to bring out the best in us all.


‘I have peered into the darkness of humanity to analyse how depraved at heart we all are. Yet those with morality choose not to let their darker side rule them, they acknowledge it exists so as to understand and further, not only themselves as a human being, but society as a whole also.Do not think of darkness as an enemy, but a friend if you like. A friend that you respect, and then you will see that there is no need for control for you already have it. ‘