‘I have peered into the darkness of humanity to analyse how depraved at heart we all are. Yet those with morality choose not to let their darker side rule them, they acknowledge it exists so as to understand and further, not only themselves as a human being, but society as a whole also.Do not think of darkness as an enemy, but a friend if you like. A friend that you respect, and then you will see that there is no need for control for you already have it. ‘


V I.

A distorted dream…?

Does it make any difference,if anothers veiws differ from yours ?we are all unique after all, with our own ‘skills’ our ‘trade’, if you like ,no one else is capable of our individual ‘craft.’

If it is possible for many to veiw
others in this way ,why do others{I mean everyone who opposes this },other than willful ignorance ,choose to act this way? Of course I strongly doubt I will ever really know the answer..
…The question that torments me is why can we not accept each other?
The [shallow ]answer would be for control …
…is that really that important ?
… to control another I mean ?

Authors.Notes.-In this day and age isn’t time that we paused to see others ways of life, before we question whose wrong and who’s right ?

X X.

‘Now is the winter of our discontent..’ -is this correct? For is winter the only season in which we find trouble? Oh I see a metaphorical aspect was alluded to. Possibly,the seasons of emotions,should I mispell also,or would that just be beligerent,a work of fiction,if you may,is brought to life on the page.The page before me has no other meaning,and yet when the ‘me,me,me’ arrogance is dropped,the
meaning is fundementally the same..
…This fact,therefore,is chosen not to be noticed!
Humans are, aside from the blessed minority,such an arrogant species..!

A.N.- Why is it even a relevant issue(sadly I am speaking in rhetoric)?Someones backround,social standing,ect. is unimportant..Either someone is a
good person or a bad one -in short-the values one holds,are what determines the value(s) of the heart…

X X X I V.

Is an unspoken wish ‘irrelevant’?

What does it mean to hold deeper feelings inside?The pain that cannot be brought to the worlds attention is what I am refering to…
….What am I hinting at ,you may ask,It would be so rude of me not to tell you?
The point I wish to make is within your capable understanding.
I am sure of this fact,and what is more,you know I am right…

Have a nice one people,as ever:stay cool :)!