‘… A random moment, you may say…’
They thought a moment before answering, then it struck them, so that they answered thus:
‘True enough, initially I may perceive an act, ect. as random, but everything has been unconsciously decided.’
‘An answer which is most thought provoking, and may I add very intelligent.’
‘I do thankyou so much, my friend. I honestly mean that.’
‘I should thankyou for sharing such wisdom, my friend.’
‘I am lost for words…’
‘You don’t have to speak 


A diary [in prose]

…As I sat down,just sat,thinking about life,I realized I had nothing  more to write.What was I to do? I carried on in my musings,so many hours had passed this way I tell you!I must stress I say that in all honesty,you must believe me.I expect you do,I am just worrying over nothing.Please tell me,why does this internal dialogue never cease? Of course it is because I am alive and conscious,but the ‘voices’ in my head never stop,I know I must return [endlessly]to the place where I must,yet I will never forget,I cannot say anymore…

What lies broken?Can a fix be attained?

The title may say it all,or it may not.The decision is yours! Take this where you will,interpret it as you wish.

All I ask is that you ponder these words,in your own time,of course. In your own words,if you prefer .For who am I to tell you how to feel? Do you see how valid your [individual] point of view is?

Have a nice time,regardless of what time it is for you 🙂

… What cannot be seen does not make it irrelevant..

Just because feeling or behaviour expressed does not meet ‘popular’ approval, does not mean that any less value of said behaviour can be judged in an unequivocal manner.
      The basis of what I am getting at is [truly] clear before your [blinkered?] eyes? – And yet so much willful ignorance is chosen to be obeyed! Why is this the case? To ask these questions, to have within you the will to be more than this sad state of affairs, makes any individual worth so much more!
As ever, my friends, I thank you for taking the time to read this, all the best :)!

A lonely heart, or is what
surrounds them empty?
An agnostic sat at the bar, on this particular day.

What passes through their mind as they drink in the complexity of the lives that exist around them?
Who can say, for who truly knows the answer?

They will be on their way when they are done
they will disappear as do us all.
… Eventually…
A. N. – A seemingly mundane observation of life, or is that what is missing from our hearts?

.. What is to be written?

Have you (or any individual for that matter) ever felt unable to ‘speak’? By the inverted commas I mean – what do I mean? Which, of course is the point I wish to make. How many times has what someone said been misconstrued?
            Maybe I should leave this here. The thread of this, therefore, is yours to weave…
Thankyou for reading this, have a nice day :)!