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‘… A random moment, you may say…’
They thought a moment before answering, then it struck them, so that they answered thus:
‘True enough, initially I may perceive an act, ect. as random, but everything has been unconsciously decided.’
‘An answer which is most thought provoking, and may I add very intelligent.’
‘I do thankyou so much, my friend. I honestly mean that.’
‘I should thankyou for sharing such wisdom, my friend.’
‘I am lost for words…’
‘You don’t have to speak 

A diary [in prose]

…As I sat down,just sat,thinking about life,I realized I had nothing  more to write.What was I to do? I carried on in my musings,so many hours had passed this way I tell you!I must stress I say that in all honesty,you must believe me.I expect you do,I am just worrying over nothing.Please tell me,why does this internal dialogue never cease? Of course it is because I am alive and conscious,but the ‘voices’ in my head never stop,I know I must return [endlessly]to the place where I must,yet I will never forget,I cannot say anymore…