What seems to be mundane, ordinary, if you like, upon closer inspection has much more to offer. 


‘… The Sun and the Moon collide…’
‘why do you  stop, my friend?’ – His companion asked.
‘I do not have the words, my friend.’
‘Nonsense! All your work is filled with passion and is so heartfelt.’
‘That is the point, it is all directed, guided should I say, by my own feelings.’
‘Have you thought about using your feelings to ‘ veiw ‘ the world, anyone else’s point of view, ect, ect?
‘ You’re very  wise, my friend, thankyou. ‘
‘ You’re welcome, my friend. ‘

‘…To elucidate is so to realise feelings.’
That was all they said,but that was simply not clear enough.By that I do mean something is missing,it would seem I have to (or any other reader has to do so) fill in the ‘gaps’ to mine/our satisfaction.
                Eluminate would be more my personal choice of word for that statement.But,on reflection,I am not so sure now,something is still missing.What about ‘To elucidate emotions is so as to realise the depth of one’s feelings.’ What do you think? The point I (in a roundabout way)I am driving at,is that every single individual views that sentence (or any for that matter)in their own way.

The matter mentioned of above does not necessarily have to be taken as literal of course. It could therefore, using that principle, be applied to any subject that you wish, think about that if you will, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination will allow. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. 

Is this the path to privacy…?

…Is it true?Freedom may be (and can be) accomplished in my lifetime.What should be a given (but,clearly is not)the oppressed,ignorant(of the hurt ‘the powers that be’ have caused[in the past]),yet innocent,good hearted people say so,and I truly mean this,for them(the young) I hope that will be the case for them.After all,why should we be oppressed?Why should it be considered ‘okay’ to not be able to express ourselves [fully] ,in short,why should our privacy be invaded?(leave aside obvious retorts please.)

Walk the ‘path’ to free yourselves,respect yourselves,in other words.

My message? -Those of youth,free yourselves,and in so doing you will free life for others.

I wish you all the best.