(I need a break)

I need a break from my mundane insanity.

Why, my friend, do you not replace that which you consider ‘ordinary’ with that which is ‘complex?’

The truth of the matter is that I simply do not know the difference.

Pray tell, do you believe your purported insanity is due to you (or any other for that matter) living a life which you consider mundane?


They sat quietly in the corner,saying nothing,yet always thinking of what they could say.Another random ‘scrawl’ came forth,presented itself to their mind.
Yet another distraction,they became distant again,they could not decide what else to write.
Enough of all this endless cyclical line of thought.Why does this continue to repeat itself?Is a ‘journey’ of some form needed for me to change the results of all I am destined (or so it would seem ) to write? – They thought to themselves.
Do I really,or should I say,am I really that empty of thought?-So it would seem the musings shall carry on.


Has an ending now been reached? It would seem so. Yet something still torments me,brings me to a state of mind that disturbs me,I simply cannot explain why (or how) I feel this way.

What is wrong with the world today?A worn out question?Perhaps. But,to my knowledge it has not been adequately answered to me on a personal level.Has it been for others,or do the same difficulties face them also?

On a theoretical level,true,that is true as far as I am concerned,but as for others I cannot [accurately]say,as I have already stated,so it would seem,I am destined to continually repeat myself…