For that which remains unwritten… – a poem by Stuart Crossley – All Poetry…-by-Stuart-Crossley


‘I have peered into the darkness of humanity to analyse how depraved at heart we all are. Yet those with morality choose not to let their darker side rule them, they acknowledge it exists so as to understand and further, not only themselves as a human being, but society as a whole also.Do not think of darkness as an enemy, but a friend if you like. A friend that you respect, and then you will see that there is no need for control for you already have it. ‘

I hid amongst the stars, and yet I could see no light. The surface of where I found myself had no substance. An accident was what I discovered. 

The present day finds me no closer to understanding life. There are many ideas, I grant you that…

…I trailed off on purpose (but of course you knew that) – The short version, no matter what anyone believes, as long as it harms none, is worthy of equal respect. 

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Which path to follow…?

…A scrawl on a scrap of paper
a note, I suppose 
to oneself,
degenerates to 

And that is all that is left.
 a memory,
a thought 
that fades 
with the 
‘moment’ of 
this time…
…A distant 
thought that 
still lives on
 even though
 thoughts may 
seem ‘new’ 
~when in fact the original 
idea predates 
all manner of thought.