…Another misinterpretation(?)

‘..If I were to see every aspect,each subtly and nuance of everything,in short,if I were all seeing,I would have the answers to everything.I must stress,in all honesty,I do not.That fact might be quite plain to me,quite obvious,if you will,why is this ‘simple’ fact admitted?-The answer,I’m afraid,is simple,this applies to whose disposition compels them with the want for control,rules  those individuals who would oppress another for their own gain,choose to obey.’

‘The facts are what they are,it is therefore up to an individual to decide what course we shall take.’

‘If only’…,that ,my friends is a question we all have to face in life.’

A short,succinct sentence that stands on its own.

Is this a piece to be worked on? -Who am I to decide that? Accept how you feel,as an individual,find the answer and then comes the realization how individual each of us are.Why stop there? We could also apply that principle to the seperate forces of nature(or whatsoever you wish) ,the parameters are within our grasp to set.
If you read this,I thankyou so much for stopping by 🙂