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we are viewed by society with inverted commas. (a dialogue)

‘An odd title,may I ask why it is titled so?’
‘Of course you may,it was meant to highlight how little the populace in general are thought of by those in control.’
‘You mean of our lives?’
‘If you like,our government,country,ect.’
‘Why,and this may sound stupid,did you not answer in the plural?’
‘To make you think,which you did so.’
‘I don’t understand…’
‘Let me explain,you used your mind to think outside of the box,if you like,to come to a conclusion,using your own individuality.’
‘Are you saying that we should awaken to who we are,as individuals,and thus become who we are?’
‘I am saying exactly so,you are correct.’
‘That is very encouraging news,thankyou,my friend.’
‘You’re very welcome,my friend.’

‘When does this abortion occur?’ -He addressed her thus,as this was such shocking news.Why was She acting this way?
‘There is a very important reason,I shall tell you when I have the courage to do so.’
His love’s reply perplexed him,yet,as much as he wanted to,he did not vocally communicate his thoughts.