that which seems illogical creates a paradox. 


‘… A random moment, you may say…’
They thought a moment before answering, then it struck them, so that they answered thus:
‘True enough, initially I may perceive an act, ect. as random, but everything has been unconsciously decided.’
‘An answer which is most thought provoking, and may I add very intelligent.’
‘I do thankyou so much, my friend. I honestly mean that.’
‘I should thankyou for sharing such wisdom, my friend.’
‘I am lost for words…’
‘You don’t have to speak 

‘I have peered into the darkness of humanity to analyse how depraved at heart we all are. Yet those with morality choose not to let their darker side rule them, they acknowledge it exists so as to understand and further, not only themselves as a human being, but society as a whole also.Do not think of darkness as an enemy, but a friend if you like. A friend that you respect, and then you will see that there is no need for control for you already have it. ‘

‘… The Sun and the Moon collide…’
‘why do you  stop, my friend?’ – His companion asked.
‘I do not have the words, my friend.’
‘Nonsense! All your work is filled with passion and is so heartfelt.’
‘That is the point, it is all directed, guided should I say, by my own feelings.’
‘Have you thought about using your feelings to ‘ veiw ‘ the world, anyone else’s point of view, ect, ect?
‘ You’re very  wise, my friend, thankyou. ‘
‘ You’re welcome, my friend. ‘