I wish that what I was about to say were not true

Suicide may not necessarily be the intention,yet those wishes are still held at bay by strategies that deal with it, should I say help one to cope,like an avoidance method (as in C. B. T.).

To write (as I do) about negative emotions is intended to highlight them not to glorify them.

I feel my take on life is misjudged, I have many problems I freely admit, I wish only to make others help themselves to deal with their own illnesses, as hard as it may be (I know from experience it’s far from easy).

But the biggest ‘monster’, for want of a better term, is inside of all of us, and so in our control.

That may be easy to say, but the first step is for the individual to embark upon. All you have to do is to begin to ‘walk’ the ‘path’ to help you to recover and accept yourself and by doing so learn how to cope with your illness.

Talk to someone to help you to accept yourself also as they may have a different perspective on your situation in life. As well as the relief of talking about how you feel, you may begin to understand yourself in a much clearer way than before.

I hate to be blunt but do this, don’t join the countless ones I have been in psychiatric with, most of whom are now dead due to lack of care in the main.

Speak to someone.


I think I should extrapolate, and I think I shall…

Clearly this is not for my benefit (that which I am writing, but I am sure that you knew that), or is it?

The complications of mental illness (be it in it’s most severe form or not, never truly go away, so to learn by yourself or to be taught by another how to cope is a must.

If you have that in your power you can learn to teach yourself how to live with the ‘enemies’ within.

I say ‘enemies’ (using brackets) as they are not so, they are simply tools from which you can learn from.

I freely admit (as a fellow sufferer of mental illness, to those who are so afflicted) that those who are dealing with the illness itself is one thing, but added to that also is how society at large perceives mental illness in general, making it quite another.

I personally, as I have no doubt many others can do so also, have lost count of the number of ignorant statements about mental health I have heard.

Granted, there is an increase in awareness of mental health, but I do feel that not enough people really understand.

There may be many websites, literature, ect regarding metal health, but if people choose (out ignorance, or simply not knowing about them) or maybe not so, whatever the reason, if they never read them, how will they ever know?

In my teens to present day (my early 40’s) people still say to me ‘I never realized people with mental health problems are so much like everyone else.’ or words to that effect.

As almost to reiterate that which I stated earlier, without the experience of socialising with people with mental health problems how could that conclusion( which was stated above) be reached?

Then yet again we return to the act of suicide. Why is it nessesary in that moment of darkness?

I shall endeavour to tell you. It is not that the sufferers of mental illness want to commit suicide (obviously not everyone feels that way all the time, I am almost embarrassed that I have to make that clear)

That which I said above reminded me of the words Of Kurt Cobain in one of his final interviews before his untimely death.

So many people die because as far as they can see it they have no other option, but then look at this world, can you blame them?

So much prejudice is against mental health.

I know there are many who care, very much so in some cases, but is it enough?

I mean no disrespect to those who support the cause, what I mean is society (it seems) is of an opinion that everyone with a mental health issue is ‘inferior’. For example I heard a man the other day say that someone who was schizophrenic who glassed someone in a pub was ‘sick’, but if someone who is ‘normal’ did the same thing the comment would be ‘they were drunk’ as if that were perfectly normal as if that should therefore be enough to excuse them.

May I make at this point (as I have already done so, I just feel it is necessary), I am sure there are many who not themselves affected by mental illness who still, and yet again I repeat my earlier sentiment, who truly care, but is the awareness enough to society in general?

Sure we have billboards, ect…

… do I really have to repeat myself constantly, constantly to make myself clear to others, (who are not mentally ill)to make them aware of real life?

I am sure you can gather that this is not directed at those who work and sympathize with mental health (quality of practitioners is another issue) but may I stress the point, this part of the write is write is directed at those who do not sympathize.