They gazed upon the same page, it felt like (this is the best way to explain, though far from accurate) they had forgotten how to write.
As they were lost in this clouded ‘vision’ their very soul seemed empty of all creativity, their mobile phone bleeped at them.
” another email?” – they thought, as they dispassionately read.

At first, they could not comprehend what they were reading, it was as if a foreign language was before them!

a job was offered to them in Calais, the position it seemed, on the face of it, to be of utmost importance

‘I have reached the same point in time, a state of consciousness, if you like. Where am I to turn? From what angle am I to write, to veiw myself?
-all these endless questions are quite maddening, I tell you!’

As I am sure the reader is well aware of the fact that our progenitor feels unable to write,

where is their inspiration to come from?


As they embarked on their journey to Calais, a sudden sense of nervousness gripped them

it was as if they felt unable to be suitable for the position, yet they had been chosen, so they felt that they should try their hardest.

They had never had such a challenge before, but strangely (as this usually happens in reverse, as you will see) they became more confident the closer they got!


As the carriage which took them through the gates that led to the front door, a wrenching feeling was strongly felt inside!

They almost wished that they had not come (they were that nervous now), yet it was too late now.

The coachman was paid handsomely, for which they were very grateful ‘Thankyou kind sir, that is very welcome.’

Thanks were given for the journey, then they found themselves in front of the door of the grand manor

nervousness was felt inside, they were visibly trembling as they knocked…

… as the door was opened their heart seemed to stop! – This was the moment, this was what they feared but needed, they (if they looked inside their soul) could not explain.

A gentleman who was (they presumed) the butler ‘This way, sir, the Master of the house shall see you now.’

As they entered the opulent quarters, a welcoming feeling pervaded them(they could not explain it) – A well presented gentleman addressed them thus: ‘How rude of me, where are my manners? Please be seated, there is much to discuss. Please, I ask you not to be nervous, I wish this to be as relaxed as possible.’

They seated themselves( as they were told to do so) – In preparation for the forthcoming conversation.

‘ Let me begin by introducing myself ‘ – He said.

‘ My name is Mr. Johnson, I shall be your employer from this point onwards – I hope to become friends also.’

‘That sounds most agreeable sir, can you please be kind enough to explain further to me my duties in this position.’ – They said.

‘I wish if you write for me, in whatever style, on any subject you so wish.’

‘That sounds most agreeable sir, I hope what I write is adequate to your wishes’

‘Truth be told, I am sure someone like you will produce astounding works.’

‘Sir you so flatter me, but, as I am interested, why do you do so?’

‘After much research of your previous work, I decided to contact you as I am sure that you will be capable of works which are more than applicable to me’

‘I see, I shall endeavour to try my very best sir.’

‘That is most appreciated sir, have you dined? If not we shall do so before I escort you to your quarters.’

‘Thankyou kindly sir, as I am famished that would be most appreciated.A place of rest shall be welcome also.’

‘This way, my friend.’

As they entered the grand dining room, they were struck by the enormous dining table

The table was richly adorned with a fine display of many kinds of food, a ravenous appetite overcame him.

As the pair were dining, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen entered the room.

‘I trust everything is fine your meals sir’ – She said.

‘Everything is very satisfying, as always cook, I thankyou so much, as I am sure my friend does also. ‘

They also gave gratification (although they were not conscious of what they said), She was that beautiful!

‘Are you okay my friend?’ – Said Mr Johnson.

‘I – I am fine sir’. – They stammered.

They were suddenly aware of how tired they were, and asked thus: ‘I do ask sir, in a most polite fashion, I may add, can I be shown to my chambers as I feel I must slumber?’

‘Why certainly, my friend, I shall do so, I expect you must certainly be exhausted after your journey.’

As they were guided to their quarters ,they passed the young woman he had seen earlier.

It was most fortunate Mr.Johnson was holding the lamp as they both travelled down the hallway.

-They could not stop staring at the beauty before them!-A nervous shakiness ran all through them!

‘Good evening m’lady’-was all they managed to say.

‘Good evening to you too sir,I hope everything is agreeable to your standards.’

‘More than agreeable young lady,I must thank you.’-Their shyness around the young girl dissolved(which they did regret very quickly.)

‘Why thankyou kind sir,that is more than appreciated.’

A sudden sense of sense of nervousness overcame them [of which they cannot explain] ,they,of a sudden,became aware of how their heart was pounding -They had never felt like this before in the presence of a woman!

He (after an awkward farewell) was escorted down the hall by Mr.Johnson to be shown his bed chamber.

The night was restless,as he could not stop thinking about the divine young woman.

A wave of guilt ran through him also,should he feel this way about the maid of a man who has been so kind to him?


As he awoke from his slumber,one may say,his first thought was of her,was he in love?As he had never felt this way before,so he knew not.

This write may or may not ,have an abrupt ending…

A description of fine detail,does not appear to be relevant.

‘A nondescript sentence.What is being described in fine detail?I am perplexed.’ -The man sitting opposite me articulated in a manner of perplexity.

‘That was surely what the writer wanted everyone who read this piece to ‘see’ ,and so reach their own veiw of the piece.’ -I replied.

‘I see,that is very helpful,my way of being literal,is the wrong way to read this piece then?’

‘Yes,that is precisely what I am saying,but at the same time I am not,do you see what I mean?’

‘No I do not,I am at a loss to understand that which you are saying,can you explain to me,if you please?’

‘I shall explain,we have gone full circle (we are back to my first reply)- There is no right or wrong answer intended by the writer,so by that line of thought your answer is neither right or wrong,it is simply your opinion.’

A description of fine detail,does not appear to be relevant.

‘A nondescript sentence.What is being described in fine detail?I am perplexed.’ -The man sitting opposite me articulated in a manner of perplexity.

‘That was surely what the writer wanted everyone who read this piece to ‘see’ ,and so reach their own veiw of the piece.’ -I replied.

‘I see,that is very helpful,my way of being literal,is the wrong way to read this piece then?’

‘Yes,that is precisely what I am saying,but at the same time I am not,do you see what I mean?’

‘No I do not,I am at a loss to understand that which you are saying,can you explain to me,if you please?’

‘I shall explain,we have gone full circle (we are back to my first reply)- There is no right or wrong answer intended by the writer,so by that line of thought your answer is neither right or wrong,it is simply your opinion.’

Into the abyss….

Just an ordinary day,he awoke and left the bed as quietly as he could,so as not to disturb his girlfriend,She looked so peaceful in Her slumber.He crept out the room so He could take a shower and get dressed for work.

‘Why didn’t you wake me babe?’-She said as he walked back into the room. ‘You looked so peaceful darling,I could not for that reason,and one other thing.’
‘What is that hun?’
‘I haven’t told you I love you yet.’
‘But I was asleep,babe .’
‘But I still felt it.’
‘Aww,come here c’mon,you won’t be late for work I promise.’

After they had made love ,She snuggled under the covers,kissed him passionately (She had no work today) before He went to work .She was just about aware of the door closing,what seemed like the next minute She awoke.Something (She could not put her finger on it) was different.
For some reason (She knew He was out ,as he had gone to work.)She called out for her boyfriend.No surprise at all,He did not answer.
For some reason She found herself outside the door of their bathroom.The shower was still running,She had told him time and time again to turn the shower off properly,it needed fixing,She opened the door…

…There was no one there(as she expected).As She got closer She could make out something was wrong with the shower,A dark patch was at the bottom of it.

Everything was covered in blood! ‘How did any of this happen ?’
There was a gaping hole where the base of the shower used to be.As She drew closer such heat did She feel ,it felt like more heat than She had ever known.The stench was like that of Death,what should She do? She knew She should do something but what?
‘I do not know this for sure,I don’t even know how this happened,but I think I must go into this abyss to find my love,I am a Woman,after all,I must find my love,care for Him ,only if to prove how much I love Him,so…’

…As She dived down into the dark hole ,nothing seemed to exist,it were as though nothingness encapsulated her very soul,made it unique in that sense,yet blankness was there,She did not have the words to explain that feeling.

Then it seems She was in another world! She walked on through the half light,the sky more dicernable as She walked further …
….She then found herself looking round at so much ,She knows not what ,She could smell rotting,putrid flesh,but a feeling inside her (almost like a voice )compelled her to carry on.


She had reached an old rusted gate(wooden with iron studding,hinges and lock) So it seems She could go no further,but why did She get such a feeling to go on? – The young girl mused.
Just as She was about to turn around to go back ,a faint scream She could hear coming from behind the door. The feelings She had earlier rushed through her,before She knew it She was turning the door handle…
…to her surprise ,it was open!

As She entered the doorway,the smell was more intense,more cloying;She felt as if She were going to choke.The screaming now was much more frantic ,She was terrified,too scared to carry on,but her gut instinct ‘guided’ her onward.

The screaming had become so overbearing now,She could not take it anymore,but still that feeling,made her press on.She could not see anything,which made her more scared,the shrieks seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere.
The further She went the darker it got,the smell of burning flesh,was more pungent now;She felt so sick,terrified,a whole load of mixed anxious feelings.She was so sad and crying,Shy lay on floor shivering with fear.She (somehow)fell asleep.When She awoke,She was underneath the path She just lay on,yet She was floating somehow…
…that all happened in a fraction of a second,that was before She fell into the murky water. She thought herself dead,in fact She was sure of it. But that begs the question,how was She able to feel anything at all?”If it is true,that I am still alive,I do mean ,am I destined to die?”

She ‘awoke’ from her reverie,and broke the surface ,She could not stop gasping,She thought her lungs were going to burst,She could barely breath,a wave of panic ran through her before She lost consciousness.

When She awoke the screaming seemed fainter now,her journey(or so it would seem ,was meant to carry on,something inside her drew her onward.


As She carried on ,what lay before her became a little brighter…
…then,what looked like a ghoul,an unearthly,tormented wraith flew at her! Shrieking,a sound that could only be described as pure evil,such a fearful sound of the most pitiful sorrow She ever had the misfortune to hear!

She screamed and ran,so much fear ran through her!
As She thought She had run far enough,a wave of relief came over her.
What was to happen next,would shock her even more…
…As She rounded the corner,She found herself in what would seem like a dungeon.People were in chains against a wall, their emaciated bodies were pierced by torture devices, they were cursed to bleed eternally.
The next moment they tried to grab at her to drag her into their world of Death,despair and misery.She ran screaming,more this time,heart pounding now ,not knowing who She was begging to,She prayed this was a dream ,so could She please wake up. ‘I beg you.’ Then a ‘voice'(that feeling She could not explain) told her to get up and carry on.She wiped her tears away ,and resumed following the trail (or what heart told her to do).

She felt as though She were further away now;Was She safe now?
As if in answer to her question,She found herself in an orchard of withered flowers.When She looked closer spirits (or something) were held within the stone columns which the flowers wound themselves round. Upon closer inspection,She could see trapped,suffering wretches.She was almost sure that She could hear them speak,begging for mercy ,salvation and freedom. She could only barely hear them,they tried to grab at her,but they could not as they were held captive within their ‘prison’.
Whilst they(the condemned wretches) remained helpless in their misery,the path seemed to become clearer as She progressed yet further.She felt braver and more faith in herself.They could not fully understand,but none of this(her traveling so far through this nightmare world or realm of misery) would have been possible,if it were not for her ‘guide’ to see her through this,keep her safe and protect her.
A sudden feeling of agitation gripped her.’Am I ever to leave this place?’ -She said aloud,as almost expecting an answer. All She received as an answer was her words echoing in the dark tunnel She found herself in.
As She carried on She felt so downhearted and withdrawn.Such feelings of despair She felt,She felt like giving up.She could not stop the tears falling down her face onto the path.Eyes closed now,She hoped to block out the sight which was so bleak. With her arms around her legs hugging herself tightly,She began to cry more,like how She cried as a child.

When She had wiped her tears away ,She pushed herself to carry on ,(where it would lead,She knew not) as She trod the narrow path,it was becoming lighter still,”does this fortell good fortune?”-She wondered. Through the half light She thought She could see a mirror before her!

As She drew closer,She found that She was correct in her assumption. She pressed on so She was in front of the mirror ,so it would seem She could go no further as her path was blocked.
The mirror was trying to speak to her,so much so that She strained to hear what was being said.
Then,all of sudden (She could not find a reason,could not comprehend how) She was now able to clearly understand everything that was uttered!
The mirror(which was a blank darkness) addressed her thus :’ If you can see through me I will let you pass safely,otherwise you fall into the bed of misery that lies below,and you will suffer greatly forever. You can only know my decision by walking through my glass,and I promise your destiny will be made known to you.’
As She walked through all She could think was “Here we go again…”
After She stepped through,whatever She did,a narrow path did She see,which was above the chasm of Death (where many screams could be heard ) but She could not see anything apart from flames of wrath and misery.
What was that She could barely see?Now all seemed darker than before She passed through the mirror.She followed the thin path onward,She almost fell as She dislodged a stone and nearly fell into the flames. The young Girl walked on,her sight of what lay before her becoming ever more clearer. She found herself by a bridge,which the timbers looked rickety and the ropes looked frayed ,the flames were beneath her,if She fell She would be engulfed by flames,should She go on? At this moment,She did not care anymore,She had made it this far,so what difference did it make now?
She decided to press on .She stepped onto the bridge,which creaked eerily as She did so,the ropes began to tense as If they were about to snap at any moment! She trod further,visibly shaking now,the creaking louder now,should She take the chance and run? There was no time for that,as just at that moment,the ropes did break! She could now feel the heat of the flames on her legs ,her heart was racing now,all that was in her grasp was a very brittle looking wooden run. She clasped onto it and almost fell! Hanging now ,just above the flames,was this meant to happen all along?
” Even if it was, I am not going to give up,I am like,so sick and tired of being ,like,so like,being put down all the time,I am so not having this.”
As She grabbed for next run,the one She pulled herself up on broke in half.
She just hung there,afraid to move,unless She fell,but go on She must (as She felt her strength waning)She pulled herself up carefully,slowly,so much agony; She never thought it was possible to feel this way.
After such a painful trial,She found herself at the top,a ridge in fact.There was what She assumed , a cleft above it,a cleft She could not reach.In a moment of despair She did not know what to do,then suddenly it struck her,if the timbers were so weak,She could use one to help her climb to (as She saw it,anyway)safety.
She reached for the timbers which quite easily (to her surprise)broke into her hands.She then used the timber to pull herself up the jagged rock ‘wall’ to her destination.

When She reached the top a path lay before her,She clambered up towards ;such pain She felt in her arms!
She tentatively walked on “What lies ahead ?” -She thought.

As She walked down the path She became aware of how dark the walls were,or was it becoming lighter (which is why She could see clearer)?She knew not,maybe her eyes had adjusted to the darkness,She thought in a despairing way.
As She mused upon this fact She could make out a shadow in the darkness .She drew closer and could now make the figure of a man.
She found herself in front of them,if her sub consciousness could speak it would say “who is to speak first?”

It would seem to her that he was prepared to speak,in an almost reverential way,She just stood there as he addressed her thus :’You have traversed so far fair lady,you have my utmost respect.I am here to judge the purity or impurity of all who make it this far. Those I deem impure Shall go no further ,and be sent to the depth of torment and death for eternity.’
She gulped,but as She had no choice,waited for him to speak.
‘But you,young lady have shown such passionate courage for your lovers sake.So because the strength of your heart has impressed me so,you are free to pass,I wish you well on the rest of your journey my lady.”

He bowed to her and ushered her onward in such a respectful way She nearly cried.
‘Thankyou kind Sir.’
As She looked round for a final goodbye,to her astonishment he was gone!

She proceeded into the darkness of the tunnel,She felt so claustrophobic,as if She were going to die,She could not breathe. “Is this it?” -She thought. In the darkness,as close as She was to losing consciousness,She thought She could make out what looked like a portal.

All of a sudden (what seemed like a split second)her breath returned to normal,She was no longer gasping for air,She could see clearly again!
She wiped away her tears, (as this had been quite a journey,after all.)stood up straight ,straighted her hair,and thought aloud ‘Here we go Again.’ Then She walked through the portal,that led to….?

The end?