feel free to ‘design’ my heart only if you can[in a true sense] design your own.


Is this the path to privacy…?

…Is it true?Freedom may be (and can be) accomplished in my lifetime.What should be a given (but,clearly is not)the oppressed,ignorant(of the hurt ‘the powers that be’ have caused[in the past]),yet innocent,good hearted people say so,and I truly mean this,for them(the young) I hope that will be the case for them.After all,why should we be oppressed?Why should it be considered ‘okay’ to not be able to express ourselves [fully] ,in short,why should our privacy be invaded?(leave aside obvious retorts please.)

Walk the ‘path’ to free yourselves,respect yourselves,in other words.

My message? -Those of youth,free yourselves,and in so doing you will free life for others.

I wish you all the best.