another lonely soul…

…She walked in-whether She sat down first,or went off to the toilet he was unsure…
-No wait,She sat down first.He looked up from where he sat”has she gone?”-He thought,then She came back,they couldn’t be certain,but the beauty,the blonde Angel (let’s,call,her that)after all,it seems a little impersonal to use terms like He or She for too long.Who knows,if things,work out for,our couple,they might,end up with,names.
Our Admirer of Angels(A.O.A),looks up,he hears ,just then,high heels growing fainter with every step.
A.O.A. sees that the Blonde Angel,has gone! But(He thinks) ,I am not too late,for the train has not yet gone.Numbly,almost without knowing how,he finds himself on the platform.He sees her,She has not seen him,A.O.A. becomes very nervous,too nervous to even approach her.He boards the train,and hides in the background,as it were.
He finds himself following her(when She leaves the train) at a distance,then he gets too uncautious,as he approaches further,he kicks over what looks like(in the darkness) a discarded can.
Angel stops in her tracks ‘who’s there?’
No answer.
‘I have a gun’-She lied.
A voice answers quietly ‘I didn’t mean to scare you…’
‘You didn’t.’-That came out too snappy.
‘I guess this might sound dumb,I followed you because…’
‘Because what?,I don’t bite y’know.’
‘Because y-you’re beautiful.’
‘That’s really sweet of you to say that,but just cuz I’m petite,don’t think I can’t handle myself.’ “That was a dumb things to say Angel,and probably quite hurtful,there was no need to add that.”
‘I’m sure you can,I didn’t mean to cause offence.’
‘You haven’t,why don’t we step into the light,so we see each other.’
‘We could also introduce ourselves to each other.’
‘This sounds silly,can I use a tagname?’
‘Yeah,urm,why not,It’s still a name.’
They were both found dead in each other’s arms.It would seem that after making love in that dark,lonely alley,they had stabbed each other to death.
Were you expecting a love story?
In a dark sense,I suppose it was,if something else was implied I have decided that I shall leave this open for the reader to decide whether or not that is the case.


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