The weather was inclement,so I sat for a while,in a small cafe,where even dirt seemed dirty,yet all,strangely, seemed comfortable.
Is it comfort we all crave for? Or is it just the want for beauty? By which I mean,do we simply want what we cannot have? -Of course you say!How can you be so ignorant?- Do you now see,how much repetition is found in life? -At my (or anyone of my age) time of life,so much is repeated,it is seen as ‘new’ -May I add I mean no disrespect,life is a learning curve,which we all have to go through,if I do anything in my life,I hope I can share something that strikes a meaningful chord for others.I don’t (for the record) consider myself to be wise,if anyone feels positive emotions from reading my humble write,I am beyond honoured,thankyou.

I leave the cafe in the rain,I have no umbrella,it is not far,

can I write the rest?

-I simply am not able to,it is raining too much for me to do so…

…I am indoors now,I pick up my mobile to ‘scrawl’ a note,and I realize (as I expect we all do at times),that to ‘write’ in the mind,Is just as valid,if not more so,than when one writes upon the page.

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