the paranoia that eats my heart alive,is ever present.


…Another misinterpretation(?)

‘..If I were to see every aspect,each subtly and nuance of everything,in short,if I were all seeing,I would have the answers to everything.I must stress,in all honesty,I do not.That fact might be quite plain to me,quite obvious,if you will,why is this ‘simple’ fact admitted?-The answer,I’m afraid,is simple,this applies to whose disposition compels them with the want for control,rules  those individuals who would oppress another for their own gain,choose to obey.’

‘The facts are what they are,it is therefore up to an individual to decide what course we shall take.’

…a story,a story that was lost in the mists of time,should now,I feel,be told…

‘How can I begin that which I do not understand?’-He cried aloud,the first sound he had uttered for many a year.

‘Read my soul if you wish…’

‘What did you say sir?’-His butler said.

He did not hear his approach,and so was startled,he did not know how to reply for a moment.

He did not have the words,it was almost as though they refused to be uttered.

‘Forgive my idle chatter,my good man,I was merely examining myself.’

‘Forgive me sir,this may be above my position,but can I express my opinion?’

‘Please my good man,feel free,after all you have never let me down before,for that,I owe you a great deal.’

‘Thankyou kindly sir,that is very kind of you,what I was going to say was,Is analysis [of the self]not the start of the path to understand others also?’