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…Agony of humanity {bears it’s weight}.
‘Again I gave in…

…I collapsed
as the agony bore down upon me.

I started to return,started to try
but could not!

I sank to my knees under the
unbearable pressures

of taking the guilt of others who
cause hurt

those who refuse to let themselves feel.

-It could be as little as a cross word.

It might mean nothing to those who
inflict upon others such cruelty,

a second thought would not even be given,by those who hurt others.

Yet I must cry,cry with all those who suffer such selfish acts needlessly.

I cannot be seen,I must forever be
burning in a lake of lava,

Yet not even those who are victims…

…of indescribable deeds,can see the
agony that I bear…

…For that fact,I am glad…(that they cannot see that,I mean,for they have 
endured enough already)…

…one thing that puzzles me so…

…How can humans act so coldly
towards one another…?’

Authors Notes:So it would seem,the selfless Angel of Mercy,who wrote this,{as if I had to say that}has feelings too…


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