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Does anyone care?Does anyone really care?

 About what happens against me, 

and others ,for that matter…?

The questioning is now at an end, 

it is, therefore,

my wish to help others
so that they may

find the key to their dreams.

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‘I don’t even know what is the reason I carry on writing for.After a short time,I really ‘found’ the answer(well I thought I did).

I may have my suicidal ‘flaws’,yet in the ‘greatest’ of ‘wisdom’ how is it possible to [truly] know that?

I prefer to withhold further feelings,so all I ask ,if you will,take the time to read and mull this over…

…It is your decision…’

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I awoke.i feel no remorse,i should correct that ,such sorrow is within my grasp…

…i trailed off,call it a bad connection,if you will,I doubt there is anymore to say…

…The phone rings,I am in the office! -I drifted off,or wherever I go,again.
‘Are you with us today,man?’
Everyone laughs at me,as usual, “like they’d understand,anyway.”
He,my supervisor continues.-‘Just thought I should bother you,please forgive me,but maybe ,as my employee,you should consider doing some FUCKING WORK!!!’
As I expected,all my colleagues burst out laughing.

At the end of the day I always feel so exhausted,no one knows about my problem,fuck, I don’t even know what is wrong ,maybe I will wake and all of this will be over,but I strongly doubt it…

…I am at my apartment now,I,numbly go up the stairs,only silence greets me,as I walked down the corridor to my door

I unlock the door,I step inside where I live,I close the door. -I am here:alone,dejected,hated…

…As I dispassionately tear my arms open,I find myself thinking randomly “I guess I am not going to work tomorrow…”

Authors Notes:A simple tale of life,possibly,I prefer to think this is how this tale ends…