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‘I don’t even know what is the reason I carry on writing for.After a short time,I really ‘found’ the answer(well I thought I did).

I may have my suicidal ‘flaws’,yet in the ‘greatest’ of ‘wisdom’ how is it possible to [truly] know that?

I prefer to withhold further feelings,so all I ask ,if you will,take the time to read and mull this over…

…It is your decision…’

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I awoke.i feel no remorse,i should correct that ,such sorrow is within my grasp…

…i trailed off,call it a bad connection,if you will,I doubt there is anymore to say…

…The phone rings,I am in the office! -I drifted off,or wherever I go,again.
‘Are you with us today,man?’
Everyone laughs at me,as usual, “like they’d understand,anyway.”
He,my supervisor continues.-‘Just thought I should bother you,please forgive me,but maybe ,as my employee,you should consider doing some FUCKING WORK!!!’
As I expected,all my colleagues burst out laughing.

At the end of the day I always feel so exhausted,no one knows about my problem,fuck, I don’t even know what is wrong ,maybe I will wake and all of this will be over,but I strongly doubt it…

…I am at my apartment now,I,numbly go up the stairs,only silence greets me,as I walked down the corridor to my door

I unlock the door,I step inside where I live,I close the door. -I am here:alone,dejected,hated…

…As I dispassionately tear my arms open,I find myself thinking randomly “I guess I am not going to work tomorrow…”

Authors Notes:A simple tale of life,possibly,I prefer to think this is how this tale ends…