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…We find our ‘Narcissus’,alone, in want of a better word,for they were not so,Nature did comfort them ,yet,they in the midst of their self -indulgent arrogance refused to even acknowledge this fact.

As far as they could see,all there was,was them, the world (and all it’s occupants) must obey all that they desired,(for after all,they were perfect).

‘I do see in my line of vision,that I am incomplete,so I must alter this situation, after all,I am the Prince,so this should be easy.’

The young Prince began his journey,unaware of the realities of life-as we shall see! But,please read on…

The Prince,after leaving the castle walls,felt a little unsure,but ‘I am the Prince,what could possibly go wrong?’

-How little did he know of the ways of the world!

-He found himself,by a lake,(after many hours of walking)

“Whatever am I to do?”-His rational mind ‘said’.
“I am not to worry,for I am the Prince”-He thought as he came across a group of vagrants,living in his land.

‘I say,friend,could you spare a meal for a fellow traveller?’

They simply laughed.

‘You are the Prince,are you not?Just playacting at this life,when,if the truth be told you could return to your castle whenever you want.’

‘I am sir,but I assure you,I mean the best for all people…’

They laughed more,before they moved on ,without even replying.

The Prince was hurt(for the first time) -Yet he KNEW he was in the right.

He set himself down on stone by the waters edge.

‘I suppose when night falls you’ll return to your castle,where the fire is warm,while we huddle ’round a campfire?’

‘I shall do no such thing,I shall live as others do in my realm.’- said the Prince defiantly.

‘Right you are sir.’-The traveller said with a chuckle(under his breath).
As night fell,there was a chill in the air,a sense of complete loneliness,that which he had never felt before..

.. Sounds filled the woodland,at first ,when the Prince had left the castle,he remembered how arrogant he had been,thinking that everything would be fine,as he was the Prince.

Now he realized (though he was too proud to openly admit it) ,how wrong he was ,for the first time he looked into himself…

…He was terrified ‘Is this really how people live? While I am in such a luxurious position?’

-He said to no one in particular,maybe,he mused ,it was his way of coping with the fear..

…Footsteps were upon him!-‘What am I to do!’

‘You could always come to our camp for the night ,it be warm round the fire,sir’ -A voice whispered in the darkness.

The Prince returned to who he pretended to be …
‘…Who are you speaking to little girl?Do you realize it is I ,the Prince?-I bet you feel very honoured now.’

‘I can’t say I know you sir,but,as I said,you can stay at our camp for the night.’

‘Little,innocent girl! Whoever is in charge made it quite obvious I was not welcome.’

‘Well the offers there sir.’

‘I already told you…’ 
But she was already gone.
…The Prince set off along the trail he thought was the direction the girl went…

…Quickly he became lost,along the way he came accross an old woman sitting quietly ,by herself ,on the forest floor.

‘I say ,old woman,why are you sitting there on your own,on the forest floor,do you not wish to have any comfort?’

‘I am old now,and do not wish for any comfort for myself,there is one thing I wish for though.’

‘Which is what?’-“For some strange reason,I know not why,I am more than a little curious now .”

‘I wish for the best life my Daughter can possibly have,I am a ,let’s say I am part of this forest,and I have seen many things…’

‘Do you mean ‘things’ as in aspects of life?’

The old woman did not answer the question ,as if the words had never been spoken she stated :

‘My Daughter shall be fit to marry some day,she is happy with her life at the camp near here,but I saw it in runes….’

‘What did you see?’

‘The ‘page’ was torn,so I could not see,I am sorry…’

‘It’s not that bad…’

-All became blurry,misty,of a sudden-

When all became clear,there was no one there!

Our young Prince left in a a state of bewilderment!

…As they travelled on(they did not know where they were going ,they simply ‘followed their nose’,as it were.)

A camp they did find themselves in,many travellers were around the fire,a pot did they boil,meat cooked with herbs did fill the air!

‘What a feast I do see before my eyes,more evidence of how these lowly people share willingly with each other the little that they have.’

‘You speak true words,sir ,why not warm yourself by the fire?’ -The girl he saw earlier said.He was perplexed as to how he did not hear her arrival…

…Yet when he looked again she had gone!

‘Just like the old woman,the girl has vanished before my eyes!’

‘What are you talking about man?’-One of the villagers said.

‘If I am welcome,can I please at least warm myself by your fire?’

‘Of course you can,do you know why I di’nt laugh?’

‘I must confess,I do not,I am a Prince,but I wish to empart humility to yourselves for the smallest  of kindnesses you may see fit to offer me.’

‘That is exactly why you are welcome,you are a more than a Prince ,in my opinion,for saying such things.’

After an hour or so,when the feast had been shared by all,out of the corner of his eye our Prince sees the young girl he saw earlier…

…He followed as she disappeared into the surrounding woodland…

…When at last he was able to speak to her(as she had now stopped by a clearing)

He was confused,confused for some reason why she had chosen that point to stop

Still this fact perplexed him,so he had to ask 

‘I say why do you not go into the clearing,the light of the moon is said to cast a beautiful scene ,one they say is truly breath taking.’

‘I cannot,the light is too beautiful for me to step into.’

‘Why do you say such things?what does your Mother have to say about such things?'(why did I say the last part )-He thought to himself. 

‘I choose not to,I guess sir,I love my Mother,she owns the water,I think sir,I just do not feel worthy.’

‘That is very good that you feel that way,in as so far as respect goes,but surely you deserve to have more respect for yourself.’

‘Thankyou kindly,sir ,but if you clearly do not know the power of the waters that my Mother owns-see for yourself…’

He walked on further,and cleared the braken in front of him,as he found himself in such a thick array of branches…

…It was almost as though the woodland itself were trying to keep people out!

…As the ,now becoming wise to the world,Prince ventured into the clearing,such an overwhelming feeling overcame him!

“Where do I find myself?I am so honoured to see this scene.”

As he looked at the way the Moon glimered on the pools surface,a feeling of such joy was within him…

…Closing his eyes for moment,he understood true beauty at that moment

Yet no words could be found to express the feeling!

He opened his eyes again,only the scene was even more beautiful,powerful and captivating than before!

‘With every second that passes,it seems I see more beauty in Nature.’

As he looked into the pool,he became more aware of everything around him

From the branches and twigs around the edge,to the leaves on the forest floor

Fauna and flora were all around!

The trees ,the animals-squirrels in the undergrowth,birds,crickets chirping-the sounds of the night were so enchanting!

“For some reason,I am drawn back to the pool,almost as though I cannot resist!

What forces drive me in such a way?”

As he peered into the pool,aside from being struck speechless by its beauty,his vision became that which he could not explain…

…It was as though he had none! -Sheer darkness became the entirety of sight!

When his vision cleared,a stunning young woman was in front of him!

‘Have I disturbed this place by my presence?,please forgive me if so,I wish to cause no wrong.’

‘You have honoured me by saying so,you are no longer just a Prince,I see.’

‘I do not understand fair Lady of the water.’

‘Ah ,sweet Prince,you know and understand far more than you think.’

With that She was gone.’Who was that?’-He wondered aloud.

He had stood there for hours,perhaps{?} –

He made his way back through the clearing,that lead to the path,which in turn took him to face the thick undergrowth…

…It was much darker now,yet the light reflected by the pool showed him the way ,guided him almost…

The trees gave way much more freely than it appeared they would

-They almost bowed ,out of respect?-He found himself musing.

In a daze,he headed back towards the camp,he knew not what to think (or even feel) 

In regards to the events of that day,he simply was not prepared for what followed…

‘We have not seen ye Prince in a while ,ye be fairin’ all good?’

‘I am quite well thankyou,it suddenly seems clear,yet I do not comprehend.’

‘You do babble on ‘right enough,we is simple folk ,so just spit it out Man.’

‘The young girl suggested I come here,I met her Grandmother{?} on the way

her Daughter (perhaps) ,who is now Lady of the Water a minute ago..

…Do you think this was meant to happen?’ – He said,as though he were speaking to no one

None of the villagers could tell who he was addressing his word to

A silence gripped the whole clan,a hushed silence..

…The main speaker of the group spoke up:

‘You talk of tales of myth from long ago,which be told ’round the campfire

by our clan,how could know these things being a Prince? Do these tales

get told at your Palace?Does someone from our clan tell them?’

-All the villagers looked horrified at the prospect!

‘I merely ‘knew’ things before ,now I really know.I see that now.’

With that he walked away from the speechless villagers

past the tents and rudimentary huts

He came to a green area,”Have I walked in a circle?”

As if his question were answered just then,he saw he was back in the field

Only it was via another path he found himself there!

…The young Prince entered the field,in the distance(for it was a wide field!)

He made out shapes{?} Just tricks of the night,he told himself.

As he drew closer,he was [almost] sure he could see silhouettes now,yet of what he could not say!

…He drew closer still,and now the shapes he could see resembled people!

…When he was finally near the pool,he could see the young girl,the Old woman and the Lady of the Water,at that moment,he almost understood

‘As you might have guessed,your entire journey had a pattern,if you like,to follow ,which you did so

proving that which nature had planned for you

,you had the wisdom to follow,even though,by your own admission,

you did not understand,but now that you can see that,you are now ready

to fulfil your destiny…’ 

‘What is that,Lady of the Water?’

‘To work in accordance with nature itself,to obey all laws of what is to be.’

‘What must I do now?’- He was sure now,he was talking to a Goddess! 

-He felt so calm,he knew this was meant to be now.

‘I can tell that you will know what the meaning of what I say is

before I even say it.’

‘I do not entirely see,I do not think so anyway

but,if you would be so kind,please go on.’

‘Your eyes may ‘see’ three people(or so you think)when in fact there is one!

All of us collectively make up the three states that make up the tripartite Goddess 

in all ‘Her’ forms.’

‘Your words carry such power,Lady Goddess.’

‘Why thankyou,you have ‘met’ my innocence(the young girl),my wisdom(the old woman),mesmerized by my beauty

(the Lady of the Water),yet you did not question or judge

you only followed your heart,and in so doing grew as a person.’

‘I am honoured that you think so,my Lady.’

‘So it would seem,yours and my own journey are at an end,but…’

‘But what?’-The Prince prompted(or wished to do so),were his words inadequate?

‘It seems that the world of the future is beyond both of our depth s of understanding.’

‘But surely ,as a Goddess,you could know far more than any mortal could?’

-A very shocked state of mind he found himself in!

‘You misunderstood what I was trying to say(you are too mortal),so it is more fitting if I just show you…’

In the next instant,it seemed as though it were straight away,the other two were gone

and only the Lady of the Water remained!

Except she was now far more beautiful than she was before!

-The most adorable creation was before him,and she looked at him with such love in her eyes!

As they stepped along the path together,they were both hand in hand,

it all felt so natural!

Both of the [im]mortal lovers ended their journey in front of a portal.

‘Now is the time that you become truly immortal and understand what I was saying earlier.’

-They stood before the portal,almost nervous,what comes next?

They kissed,the most passionate kiss that had ever been ‘seen’ …

…It was a moment so pure,it seemed like time itself stood still!

Every single creature of nature paused,as if they were scared to even breath!

 That moment could not be captured in a portrait,for example ,it was far too perfect!

It was only in the blink of an eye,as they held hands,and looked into each other’s eyes…

…everything became light;the purest light ever seen!

Like the state of Nirvana(or whatever you wish),all became love!


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