I Have Misplaced Entire Languages

O at the Edges


I Have Misplaced Entire Languages

Neither this tongue nor that still dwells in my house.
The hole of remembrance constricts, leaving behind only debris.

As a child I mixed three languages in family discourse.

Now only one is comprehensible, and I abuse it daily.

The woman in the blue dress stands alone on the pier, weeping.
A pidgin is a simplified language developed between groups with no

common tongue. Sounds form easily, but meanings struggle.

My father is shipped to Korea without warning.

Some words insert epenthetic consonants to separate vowels. Years
later we arrive in Italy and my mother starts receding.

A fourth language emerges.

This morning I asked, “Ame?” “Yes,” she said, “but just drizzling.”

Some families share no common language and must forge without.
We have used pain, pane and pan without reference to etymology.

Having abandoned the familiar, she chose another, never accepting the loss.

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New Book Published – Small Noise

Poesy plus Polemics

My 11th volume of poetry.

I am pleased and excited to announce that my 11th full-length collection of original poetry has been released to book markets by Stonewood Press.

“Small Noise: Existential Echoes”

    “This is the eleventh volume of poetry presented by the uniquely sophisticated voice of Paul F. Lenzi. A wide ranging assortment of original poems that visit the many fascinating nooks and crannies of our human experience. Essentially a free verse journey with occasional side trips into haiku. These poems are provocative, stylish and easily digestible. They are also remarkably memorable. Rich with artful syntax, Small Noise stands up to the very best of contemporary American poetry.”

This 246 page volume is now available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions, as well as at Barnes & Noble. Similarly available are my 10 earlier books,

    • City of Pawns
    • Range of Motion
    • Two-Cornered Rooms
    • Pentimento
    • Music of Scars

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