the calling

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You are
with me
within me
every second
of every moment

Yet, I live the truth
of ‘You’ away from ‘I’

Yet I feel
this intense separation
from home
Like an unborn child
pulled away
from womb

Like the thirsty desert
that longs for rain,
an affliction
with no remedy for pain.

Sleepless at night
restless for days
Beloved, your memory
stirs me awake.

My trembling lips
heaped with sighs,
endless tears, in your name
are now running dry.

Without you, my essence,
how am I
to stay alive?

Calling out
my entire being
for a breath ..

I miss you.
Take me home.


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Poetry Street: Middle of March|Poem by Ellie Rayne

The Stranger's Wall


Middle of March

Feel dark and withered,
Of soulless dreams and uncertainty,
Yes! Life is not the end just yet,
Neither am I giving up on those lousy days of Spring.

Cold winds of March,
Howlings of dogs turned into lifeless wolves,
Of white and grey,
Smoke but never fog and misty days.

Let sunshine beats its rhythm,
Of oak tree and lavender pudding,
Cherry blossoms turned yellow with a storm of white doves,
Bitter but never satisfied to the core.

Ellie Rayne

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Feed on life

‘Knowledge is the food of the soul’ Plato

Devour the learning. Taste the sweet dream. Immerse yourself in the nourishing soup of the soul. Remain hungry for growth and thirsty for wisdom.

Feed on life. Feast on development.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…

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Chase the highs and fall gently

We are all emotional beings. It is part of our inner make up, and our external facade. We chase the highs, and swallow the lows like medicine, that nasty tasting liquid.

Life is also balanced. It needs to remain polorised and adequately structured. Every high has a possible low. Every low can be followed with a high. It can be chaotic, and emotionally exhausting. Nobody ever promised life was easy.

The problem only arises when we become internalised with the lows. When we question. When we continously analyse.

When we are high, when we are soaring, my god it feels good. Yet the problem is, the higher you fly, the fall becomes greater. At least the emotional aspect of the metaphor. The higher we feel, the higher the deflation can impact.

So what do we do? How can we chase the negative demons away? In therapy, I always promote the…

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