Chase the highs and fall gently

We are all emotional beings. It is part of our inner make up, and our external facade. We chase the highs, and swallow the lows like medicine, that nasty tasting liquid.

Life is also balanced. It needs to remain polorised and adequately structured. Every high has a possible low. Every low can be followed with a high. It can be chaotic, and emotionally exhausting. Nobody ever promised life was easy.

The problem only arises when we become internalised with the lows. When we question. When we continously analyse.

When we are high, when we are soaring, my god it feels good. Yet the problem is, the higher you fly, the fall becomes greater. At least the emotional aspect of the metaphor. The higher we feel, the higher the deflation can impact.

So what do we do? How can we chase the negative demons away? In therapy, I always promote theā€¦

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