World’s awaiting a Star

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


A word engineer contorting reality with the winds of change in a swift breeze. Writing life’s fascinating scripts to worded trips, wicked double scrips of backflips changing the design. Customary touching the sands of time with a wicked new rhyme.
Throughout the history of time the futuristic design by a cherished personality with words of swagger a peaceful drunken stagger. Composing the sediments between two composers competing for the bleeding hearts synonymous symphonies of orchestrated compositions.
Lyrical pioneer of spiritual spitz in life’s glitzy glamor a hammer nailing the wicked stammer. Living in peaceful harmony with tranquility.
I contort and distort time by squaring & comparing reality to functionality of my scientific rhymes. Orchestrated without a conspiracy of time, but echoes time’s essence, reverbs of twice the word’s putting pleasure into words.
A word engineer splicing & dicing the physics of rhymes custom designs futuristic characteristic of this lyrical pioneer…

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