~As the dust fades –
like a broken heart
I lie forlorn
yet I never forget

Short Story: Love Letters to him Part 2| By Ellie Rayne

The Stranger's Wall


It had been a couple of days since Elena last seen her bestfriend Matilda. They are both studying in different schools. But the love letters is still proceeded to be given to Michael Johnson through Matilda’s help.. But after awhile Elena feels concern. Due to none of her love letters were replied back by him.

One day, Elena went grocery shopping alone for her mother and bumped into Michael by coincidence. “Well hello Michael. How do you do?” Asks Elena sweetly as she blush. He smiles at her as he starts selecting a few apples to buy. “I am well thank you.. Miss?” He seeks for her name to address her. “Its Elena Gray. I am sure you know who I am right?” Asks Elena with her eyes blinking hoping he does.

“Sorry no.. I do not. But nice to meet you still for the first time.” His words drew…

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