-If you understand what I cannot…

-Please carry on,my love

-I cannot…
That was just a dream(?)I guess the -one I truly love,will never know,in the same way,I shall also never know,if she feels the same way.
I stare,through the aperture,from which I view my love,
The love,I may add,which can never be mine!
I am bereft of all care for myself,and indeed my existance in this world,if (and so it would seem I cannot),I cannot have my one and only true desire,my love,I have no wish to live!
…As we return to revisit the ‘Romeo’
of this tale…
‘Do I have to live a life without my one true love?She so fine and beautyous,yet never did I voice my opinions of love,my woe fills my heart,to the time when it o’erpours.’
Of a sudden,the poison he did espie…
‘I shall drink away my life and sorrow,for true love I can ne’er attain.’
And so our ‘Romeo’ didst perish,with
a forlorn heart …
…And how do we find our ‘Juliet’? -As she finds the one she loves,alone at last! ‘Now is my chance!I shall go for it!’-She draws closer -He is far too still!His breathe has ceased!
She became aware of a knife that she carried on her,for her samples.She cut spores to study at her leisure.
‘Now do I choose to perish also,my
love hath now gone,I hath no love left,and,I do not wish to,therefore ,love another!’
…She pierced her heart with the blade,with her dying breathe she did try to speak,but voiced her feelings ,that which none can ever know…
The irony of this tale?{Which,before you say it,was an obvious nod to William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and
Juliet'[a condensed version,a segment,if you like]}-Both our progenitors died thinking their love was unrequited,when in reality,they both loved each other.


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