X X.

‘Now is the winter of our discontent..’ -is this correct? For is winter the only season in which we find trouble? Oh I see a metaphorical aspect was alluded to. Possibly,the seasons of emotions,should I mispell also,or would that just be beligerent,a work of fiction,if you may,is brought to life on the page.The page before me has no other meaning,and yet when the ‘me,me,me’ arrogance is dropped,the
meaning is fundementally the same..
…This fact,therefore,is chosen not to be noticed!
Humans are, aside from the blessed minority,such an arrogant species..!

A.N.- Why is it even a relevant issue(sadly I am speaking in rhetoric)?Someones backround,social standing,ect. is unimportant..Either someone is a
good person or a bad one -in short-the values one holds,are what determines the value(s) of the heart…


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