I I.

Where is the inspiration?Why do I keep up this unending questioning?-I answer myself thus:(although,strictly speaking,answering oneself does not count[so I am led to believe]!] -It is my mind trying to solve problems of every nature,if I know it or not!Many answers are therefore ‘answered’ (or not)in this fashion .After all,it may or may not be possible to know the truth of this fact.On the same line of
thought,would we know the difference anyway(other than our own perception,that is.)?
-I forgot,that was ‘known’ already.

V I.

A distorted dream…?

Does it make any difference,if anothers veiws differ from yours ?we are all unique after all, with our own ‘skills’ our ‘trade’, if you like ,no one else is capable of our individual ‘craft.’

If it is possible for many to veiw
others in this way ,why do others{I mean everyone who opposes this },other than willful ignorance ,choose to act this way? Of course I strongly doubt I will ever really know the answer..
…The question that torments me is why can we not accept each other?
The [shallow ]answer would be for control …
…is that really that important ?
… to control another I mean ?

Authors.Notes.-In this day and age isn’t time that we paused to see others ways of life, before we question whose wrong and who’s right ?

V I I.

The changing weather…

Like the fruit of my soul, I am ever changing, the fruit that is produced by the temperement that I find myself in ,that is.
Is this as free, as free as the wind, for example? Why the rain falls upon us all? Is that a question that should not even be that{asked,I do mean}?In that moment,that moment
acceptance and so freedom is ours at last!
Authors Notes-…The point when this ends… ?-Never is the answer!,life after all is a learning curve…