L X X I I I.

‘When I die,will all celebrate?’
‘What,I do pray,sort of question is that?’
‘So I see I have captured your attention.’
‘It would seem so -Such an odd way to cause another to view your behaviour.’
‘Do you not see,my friend,therefore,how needless this was?’
‘I must confess,I do not understand.’
‘To begin to question is the begining…’
‘Do you refer to society at large choosing not to ‘see’ a point of view other than their own?’
‘If you can tell me [truly] ,you do not need me to answer,for you already know.’
‘What you are saying is,therefore,is that one of true morals is on the way
to answering this question?.’
‘I do indeed,yet think upon this fact,to understand,or should I say,to see this point of view,is to embrace this fact..’

Note: …The ‘last word’ is not added,I hope you like that ,my friends :)! -That way the ‘last word’ can be yours :)!


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