Untitled (?)

…He was perplexed,but wishing to understand ,he decided -If I do not ask,I shall not find out.

-Why,pardon me if this seems to have an obvious answer,why do you talk thus?
-I do not mind explaining at all,I am part of your phyche,as I shall be part of the next travelers,though their path
to finding me is different in all cases.
He was taken aback,humbled,and grateful ,to…? -Who is this before me?This mysterious force cannot be human,but they are part of all humans?-I am confused-although in a strange way,this all makes sense.
– You seem concerned,my friend.-‘She’ prompted him to speak his worries.
-If-If you are,as you say,part of all
who travel along their own path,are you ,I feel awkward in saying this,human?-Forgive me for asking this,I mean no offence.-He added as an afterthought.
-No offence is taken,I assure you.In answer to the question you wish to know the answer to,I am subconsciousness or consciousness depending on whether one is ‘awake’ or ‘asleep’.
-What I thought was clear,is now clouded by the depths of my mind.In other words,I do not seem to be able to be able to understand,although,I think I do…
-There you go!To think about understanding something,means you are on the way to finding another way to solve the problem!


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