..An explanation..{?}

‘…why are you so arrogant?!’ -she screamed!
‘It is not intended as arrogance,I assure you…’ -he replied.
‘Shut up!!!’ -she yelled.
‘Why do you act like that,when it is clear you want to talk?’ – he asked quizically.
‘I do want to talk …’ – she stopped
midsentence,as if she was unsure as what she should say next…
‘Go on ,there is more to what you wish to say’ -he prompted (or so he wished to).
‘W-why do you never listen to me?’-she asked (was she doubtful of her [own]judgement?)
‘I am listening,after all ,you have never said how you feel’ – The prompting,it seemed must continue..
‘..Well I guess,what I mean to say is, um,why do you act the way you do?’ -she was very confused now…
‘I am trying,I guess,to coax you into expressing your feelings’ -he said -did she get the point he was making ?
‘Well, I guess,I must ask,why do you even try to do that ?’ – she did not even understand ,and now she was confused..
‘I do all I am trying to do
um..is…um..because…I guess…I-I… l-love you’ – he said in a quiet voice;almost shy.
‘Awww,(an awkward moment ,that seemed to last forever,interceded)I love you too :)!’ – she was delighted!
– Should they kiss,they both thought{ ?}- Authors Notes: – Is this a Platonic ‘kiss’ ? – Their souls are united, in the bliss friendship contains..
..Is their love,therefore,the
appreciation of each others souls ?


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