Adrift ~{consciously so}

I sat in the wind,I mean to say I embraced it,every aspect of breath,life,should,at last,be realised,I see it now!However one expresses emotion,in art form,for example,is inevitably beautiful,as such is the heart ,or soul,which expresses it.
Every carving,if you like,is unique,and so has its own value,which,I may add,is priceless!No one can ever place a value,or lack of,on the value
of which one is able to offer,to the world ,one may ask,is that question [even]needed to be asked ?In your heart of hearts,in whatever form you choose to express yourself,you all must be aware that you have within your power ,the art of perfection..
…You ,of course ,are all forms of art,all the paint of humanity,should ,therefore ,run congruently with each other..
Authors Notes-…The conection of us all,is plain
to see..?Or should I say simply,that some people choose not to acknowledge that fact…


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