‘Time takes it’s toll,my friend,so that nothing remains.’
‘But surely that is not all there is to life…’
‘That is the way it always has been,and shall remain so.’
‘B-But…I mean…nevermind,it’s not important.’
‘Go on’-he seemed interested now(to the boy’s surprise).
‘I meant to say sir,don’t you ever
‘Oh I see the point you wish to make.’
‘You do?’
‘To dream is fine,beautiful in fact,but to analyse what simply ‘is’ and to draw inspiration from it{for our dreams among many other things},is the most beautiful thing of all.’
‘for art,music,poetry,or anything that requires creativity?’
‘You have got it,my friend!-Think
about this,when you dream,the dream seems to control you,yes?’
‘Well yes,but in the case of lucid dreaming,the individual can control thier own ‘path’ in sleep…’
‘You are very knowledgeable indeed! I must stress,I do not mean that in a patronising way whatsoever.’
‘Why thankyou,I never thought you did,honestly.’
‘Your very welcome,I am sure you
had no thoughts of the kind,but I thought I should say so anyway.’
‘That’s very kind.’
-But back to what I was saying- to have the aforementioned knowledge of how to acheive a ‘conscious’ (if that works)dream,one has to study,analyse,and in the end become ‘one'{although technicaly you already are!} with the dream -what I am
leading to,as I am sure you can guess,is that the same principle can also be applied to your waking life!
…He suddenly came around,had he been daydreaming? He knew not.What had he been dreaming of?
He looked down at the soft sands of the beach,then he sat back and just gazed at the Sun…


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