‘…Do I need to read more?Or is it more likely that I should ‘read’ more.By which I mean I should just accept what is.I should allow a sense of blankness to wash over me…’

‘…Has a cloud like train of thought begun in my consciousness?I mean to say ,have I begun to understand at all? Or is the fact that I acknowledge my ignorance worth anything

‘I reason (whether or not it is just my opinion),it is just as valid as any others point of veiw.Every angle,if you will,has just as much value as the next…’

‘…The world,it would seem,will carry on turning regardless of the fact that my heart beats no more..’
‘-I was being metaphorical- I do mean that the human race may come and go,but the world shall continue(?)
-That fact may or may not be known…’

‘…’I’ do not feel worthy enough to explain my ignorance…’


-What is it that I look upon? Can you ,I beg,make me understand your very heart?
-I do not wish to explain myself.
-An outpouring of how you truly feel,may be benificial.
-I guess I do want to express how I feel…
-Which is what,my friend ?
-I have many thoughts,which I do not wish to speak of.
-Come,come,my friend,why not say what you feel…?
-Who would care enough to listen?So as I far as I can see there is no point.
-Do you mean no point in saying how you feel?
-What kind of question was that?What else could I mean?
-All I was really trying to do,was to make you speak aloud how you feel
-If I’m honest,I don’t speak out my
thoughts as much as I should.
-Do you now think the time is right to do so more than you have done thus far.

…One of our speakers contemplates the question (and so the reason for the space)?Or is there another reason?