Nothing~emptiness~vacancy-disruption~decay-life -love ;)!

…We find our lonely soul alone in an alley, as they peer, they peer into the darkness ,hoping possibly to find the meaning of their existence(?) They know not the point of why they are they are here ,I do mean.Is this the complete story? I do not think so…

…The dark ,hooded figure looks blankly ,as if what is blank,is held in the darkness ,yet they cannot
know,or should I say, they cannot quite find what their heart desires.This unending moment seems to cage the heart to bring the soul to a new level of darkness …
Why ,as they sit here,does nothing present itself to the forefront of their consciousness?
-A light is seen so they work towards it,In their mind at first almost as if they are unable to physicaly leave
this place of darkness to the light beyond that which they are familiar with…

…They find themself [physicaly] walking upon the rough,cobbled road ,and then they find themselves in the light itself!

Authors notes: -What is to happen next? Something along the lines of
the perpetual cycles of life seems logical….