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Well, today’s post is a short one – another inspiring piece of writing which I’d liked and written down a long time ago, and I’m sure you’ll find it motivating and useful!

A: Avoid negative sources,people, places, things and habits.

B: Believe in yourself.

C: Consider things from every angle.

D: Don’t give up anddon’t give in.

E: Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come.

F: Family and friends are hidden treasures, enjoy their riches.

G: Give more than you planned to.

H: Hang on to your dreams.

I: Ignore those who try to discourage you.

J: Just do it!

K: Keep trying on matters, however hard it seems it will get easier.

L: Love yourself first and most, only then can you truly love others.

M: Make it happen.

N: Never lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal.

O: Open your eyes

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‘..I kept an open mind as I stared into the night, I did not recollect at this point ,or should I say,I did not feel any sadness ,any sorrow -then I remembered the past, the reason I was alone, in this wood ,with a gun.The reflective way in which I contemplate life as I prepare to end my own.Creation is surely much more vast,of much more substance,whereas my most ‘painful’
thoughts are simply that -thoughts. …’
…The girl walks into the same wood…
‘why do I question my emotions suddenly ?I ask myself.I decide to sit and ponder for a while.
‘Something of great pain must have occured here for me to feel this way.I feel dizy;nauseous even, I feel such
an acute feeling of sadness and then…I know not what..
…I have to leave now ,I feel guilty at doing so ,but I cannot remain here…’
Authours Notes -Did the first progenitor,(of the past),commit suicide in that place or does the uncomfortable feeling our second female progenitor (in the present) feel,simply the anguish of the first’s depression?Did they carry on with
their lives,did they just walk away ,and die of natrual causes?What was felt,if the latter was [hopefully] the case,could it not be merely a fingerprint,a ‘ghost’ from the past…

Petals fall on the ground the ground that is soaked by fresh by rain.The scene is still ,still as their tired ,worn out soul seems.
They want to cry, but tears refuse to fall.
They have no understanding of why they feel this way…

…And time moves on ~
A space seems adequate for some
reason, how does that explain anything ?’Why do I have to question my own thoughts?’ ‘Because your human’,’ a voice in my head tells me.’
‘I come to the realization I do not understand how my own mind works,so on another point how is one able to understand [truly] the thoughts of another?’