Tide,tide that barely moves on this summer morn.-Birdsong I do hear as I walk along the towpath, the sound of early morning silence, if you like.

Music:The feeling indiscribable, as is every emotion itself!The Gentle,lilting way the violin ‘sings’ ,flows the soul into a new realm,a way or form of existing.
The soft flowing,acoustic sound of a
guitar that is so relaxing to hear ,almost like a harp, I suppose.The gentle voice now introduces itself to this work, like an instrument in its own right! Yes it is an instrument essential to the work of the very foundation of creation itself!
..A band of classical instruments plays a well known song,where the lead singer from a popular metal band was said to ‘sing’ for the first

The rushing ,powerful force of the torrent, driven by a greater force ,heading towards a somewhat vast area of water.Flowing over, down to the river below .The water again does act this way, but in a different place!The silver pearl coloured foam is carried with such force to great lake!Niagra in Her beauty is such a
breathtaking wonder to behold! A distant memory ,many hills,mountains and dusty paths,many long and winding walks.The quiet of the countryside,a time to contemplate peace, stillness, or just a place to roam, to lose oneself.
The falling liquid as droplets increases into a downpour!-safe is the ground for hands and fingers of
the trees act as protection as a canopy; a safe haven!
The piercing,high pitched howl,is that correct? how does one percieve this sound that hurts the very soul so?
The hollow emtyness is shocked into fear, as now a new terror is presented!
The scream (that brings forth a chilling moment,I may tell you)renders the very core of ones
being in a state of utmost terror! -another sound which jars the nerves so uncomfortbaly…
…Further yet is this peace disturbed,the fear creates a feeling,a feeling; I do not wish to be here anymore.I must run away?An irrational thought,you may say- But think on this,is it not irrationality itself,to not even contemplate an emotion like fear? -I could go on for
hours,but where would be the sense in that? -The story(if there was one) is yours to write…