Do the letters fall in place ?

..If this were a [realistic] question,how would you answer ? Does an an answer present itself ,to the mind,so ,in short,is the progenitor in control ? – A random write, this may be ,but ask yourselves this my friends, how many moments of genius are ‘born’ from that which is ‘unknown ‘?

The sunlight falls upon the faces of all…

..As the Sky beats upon one{distant heart} to its own rythmn
-nature has fallen –
like a random fragment which defies explanation -can it ever be defined?
this feeling I mean?
Cast a new rythmn like a net,a net that you offer the waters.. reap what you sow,if you like ,
I trust the analogy is adequate for your tastes{?}
..Or is this just another aimless meander?

What lies broken?Can a fix be attained?

The title may say it all,or it may not.The decision is yours! Take this where you will,interpret it as you wish.

All I ask is that you ponder these words,in your own time,of course. In your own words,if you prefer .For who am I to tell you how to feel? Do you see how valid your [individual] point of view is?

Have a nice time,regardless of what time it is for you 🙂