Is an unspoken wish ‘irrelevant’?

What does it mean to hold deeper feelings inside?The pain that cannot be brought to the worlds attention is what I am refering to…
….What am I hinting at ,you may ask,it would be so rude of me not to tell you?
The point I wish to make is within your capable understanding.
I am sure of this fact,and what is more,you know I am right…

Have a nice one people,as ever:stay cool :)!

… As darkness falls..?

Why is this an unknown? A situation, If you will, that has no solution?
-Explanation would surely be a better word ….. Is that just being pedantic? What is the answer to all of  the ‘mysteries’ of life?
I use the inverted commas to suggest that you already know the answer (s) to the questions that you are presented with. -Look into your heart (and soul)..
… The answers to every problem [in] life, is within your power to resolve, you hold the key,my friends to solving the obstacles that  befall you…

Think upon this people (at your leisure, obviously) – Have a good time +stay cool 🙂

How many souls become lost by time?

Indeed..! How are we to approach this problem? Those of us who are worn down by by the oppression of society, harmful thoughts (one could say the two are related) ect.
Is this surely what is to become our fate? Our destiny? – NO! I do say, do I need to impress upon you the importance of that ‘simple’ realisation?
            I doubt that very much, the decision, as ever, what you should do with the information presented to you, is entirely yours,my friends.
Make the right decision, I urge you, as I know, as well as you do, what that is.

I hope that helps your way to the path of your choice more comfortable…
… You can achieve so much more than you think…

-Do I have to make that clear?
You know I don’t need to, hold on to your dreams people, have a nice day /night :whatever the time is for you,
         stay cool B)!

.. The fallen among us…

Is this to be a metaphorical post? Is this referring in such a way as to highlight an [important] aspect of human behaviour? – Do you know the answer? Of course you do! 


Every human knows (if it is thought about), about the individualality that lies within us all. If only in a dormant state, waiting to be ‘born’, every single one of us (no matter how lowly they consider themselves) has something unique within their heart, which no other can bring, to the table, if you like. 


      Thanks for reading, have a good time whatever you do people . 


             Stay cool B)!