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I don’t like the word “passive.” Does anyone like this word? Its worse than introvert, a word that once brought fear to my soul. Another word, boring. At one time, I could trash all of them.

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Beach Sunset Panorama, Experimental Double, PTGui Pro

Don Charisma

Again awesome colours and a wider angle than the previous ones, and captures the lights in the trees on the right.

For those of you that didn’t see the explanation last time – It’s experimental, because it’s two panoramas stitched together. I shot the bottom half, and then the top half as complete panoramas and then joined them together with PTGui Pro. The iPhone panorama function doesn’t really work that great, nor does it work well with low light conditions, but within that I’ve still achieved a very good result.

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

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Where is the need [to hurt another?]

Is this indeed a question that needs to be asked? Why is the need to oppress another for your own good even present [in your consciousness], why I ask?
        Do you know the answer? I would guess you claim to do so! Is this a meaningless ramble or do you (if you are honest) see a glimmer of light in the darkness? Do you therefore, wish for ‘freedom’ (for all), or do you [truly] mean it? How much must I impress this on your soul, before you can ‘see’ it?
A tired state of mind, I am found in.-Yet my friends, ponder this fact, how is it possible to condemn another if you have no concept of their vision?
Have yourselves a wonderful time people 🙂 Many thanks for reading this :)! {I am guessing that should have been reversed, but hey…)
    Peace :)!

All may look, but do all always see?

The perspective of another heart is what I am seeking (an answer?) to here. – But of course, you already knew that {I hope you did anyway!}.
Every single soul is unique, like the fragments of stone that present themselves to the ‘consciousness’ of the world!
By the inverted commas, I do mean {I’m sure you can see what I mean by that comment} what is perceived (by others) does not always cast that which [truly] reflects the correct reflection.
Ponder these words at your leisure if you please – Yet does that not imply my wish for your compliance? On the contrary, I have no wish to even suggest it!
The decision, therefore, is yours to arrive at. Whatever you choose to do {whatever is the time for you} have a wonderful time people :)!

Art and words



Art and words

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Art is poetry for the eyes.


                              Art and words

In ancient China. They believed there was a affinity between painting and poetry.
The true masters of words found peace and calm in the beauty of art.

I’m a writer.
I’m jealous of painters and photographers of beauty.
They look at the world with the vision of seeking lasting and permanent creations.
To paint a beautiful woman. To make her face, body and expression forever.
Is a skill to appreciate.
To enhance landscape of great mountains and powerful sea.
Give the artist power over life and death.
The artist left us memories of faces that would of been forgotten with time wasn’t
for their desire to keep the past alive.
I’m thankful for the new and ancient artist.

Writing is a different skill.
Allow time, places and people to stay…

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