Denotation and Connotation

Writing Out Loud

Warning: I might be writing about denotation and connotation for a while. I haven’t completed my reading about it in chapter one of Sin and SyntaxI wanted to first write out loud my impressions of the words and then read later what Constance Hale has to say, and how we differ, if at all

I begin with the short dictionary definitions by which she introduces the section. Denotation refers to a words explicit or literal meaning. Connotation is the suggestive power of a word and refers to its latent meaning.

Water – H2O  is my denotation and  for me it connotes what I see in a bottle.  After which it connotes a need. I visualize it fresh and clear. I think of it after a walk. These I think of as my connotations of the word. Water is a universal word, but all of us have different…

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