An empty book.


An empty book.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Need to enjoy life. A good life is many friends and a lot of laughter.


                                 An empty book.

An empty book is a lonely story.
The great writer’s lived their life with gusto and no fear.
You can read in their stories a life filled with sadness and happiness.

Hemingway went to war as a Soldier and a reporter. Learn of death and fear.
Kosinski roamed Europe as a youth learning the truth about the nature of man.
Neruda wrote about love with experience of knowing the paradise of the kiss and tender touch.
Gibran wrote with love and kindness. Trying to teach the world a better way.

We must travel blindly into life and chance with no fear.
Open new doors of friendship. Have long conversation about everything.
Need to dance on the edges of pleasures and…

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