The guilt of the genius.

For Maureen , with love....

The guilt of the genius.

Following others shows many things.
I want to learn.
I’m curious.
I think what he/she does is amazing.
I like that.
I find myself in that.
So on , so on…

Sometimes tho’ , following somebody else’s ideas and concepts , can show how incapable to generate your own ideas and concepts you are.
This happens when we feel to attracted by somebodys work or lifestyle or we think we find ourself in those more than we really do!
In this kind of situation , most of the times without even being aware , we are lost.
We are unable to see who WE really are!
Our lifes is so much influenced , that ”ourselves” is somewhere in the background!
In an previous article i was talkin’ about the identity lack of humanity.
This has something to do with that.

Somehow , this is the paradox , the guilt of…

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