… A fleeting moment..

To analyse ones own thoughts is not in question (in this musing), to ‘go with the flow’, therefore, is.
       To ‘edit’ if you like, shall come afterwards, but to flow freely is of paramount importance in this case.
       The ‘after effects’, if you wish to term it so, are fully utilised in a contemplative manner.
       To paint, to draw, to compose a piece of music etc. – in short, the moment should be expressed in your work, after all it is your own, unique work of the individual heart.
            What about poetry, I hear you say?
    Do not the same rules apply?
The ‘rules’ for every form of expressionism, may obey separate parameters {within the own individual form}, yet all ‘rules’ obey the same algorithm. They conform to an open minded view, in other words.
        Society would do well to learn from this, if it was thought about an analogy could be made…
Think this through, if you will, make the right thought that makes sense. If you can do this, you are a wonderful human being, have a nice day :)!


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