No title has to be given…

The rain that falls upon my heart, breaks my soul, I am irrelevant, in the eyes of society, I have broken free, so now is nothing, I hint so much at sarcasm, but yet it cannot be seen.
More should be spoken, I know this, but their views ‘oppress’ mine. I can never be held back. I am the voice of the abused, the hated, should society underrate my hate? If I am so unworthy, how is it that {I hate to repeat myself} I can see this fault in the societal construct? Please enlighten me, as I am [obviously] so ignorant.
– Edit this as you wish, but the reality is that the harsh pain of abuse should not be in existence. To make myself clearer {as if I have to} there is no reason {other than selfish ‘need’} for hurt to ever be felt.


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