Fell from the sky (?)

Drawn from the life,
the life that was given before
What is the heart that we all
converge to?
Where do we join, in union?
is that moment even a possibility?
If that society, (in all it’s knowledge) cannot answer:
where do we (humans, I mean)
originate from? you know the answer, if you are honest with yourself, I think that if you can’t (or claim so) you choose not to.

The point I wish to make (sadly it ‘seems’ I need to) is that, what is the need (other than to make ‘superior ones’ feel better) for any form of discrimination? Do I have to make that clear also? Why do I have to do this?
Taking that aside, in my opinion (humble as it may be, those affected know what I am talking about, bear with me, this is for the benefit of the ‘blind’ ones, not those who understand.) there is no need for sexism, racism, judgmental views of someone because of how they dress, the music they listen to, their age, (teens, 20s,30s +, etc.). Why is that such a great thing to ask of people?
May I make the point with extra clarity, I do not aim this against any victim of discrimination, I make no claims to know how you feel, I just cannot see the necessity of any form of prejudice in this multi cultural world, which is counter – productive in my opinion, the claims against my view, I hope I shall see fade away in my lifetime. Thankyou for reading this, have a good day 🙂


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