I have left this ’empty’, if you like for a reason. The reason I am sure you can tell, is so the ‘reason’ shall be left to the individual to decide upon.

I guess that, in this short write, the message that I aim to bring across is that it is up to the individual to decide the subject matter upon which to form an opinion.

Honesty is always a good thing (except if you don’t conform to society)

Is it always a good thing to placate the masses, when in fact, in your heart of hearts, you simply do not feel that way?Is it necessarily such a noble act if you are only to follow the vast majority of society, when in fact you feel otherwise?

Are any of these questions even necessary to be spoken aloud? You and I (if you are honest with yourself) both know that living a life that someone is just ‘passing by’ with blinkered eyes is just ignoring the fundamental and most important aspects of life.

If that continues to be the case, it cannot be possible( may I stress that in order to understand life, this type of attitude must stop) there can be no progression in the search for reaching that which is good for all.