Unheard scrawl (a sample of a vignette) – a poem by Stuart Crossley – All Poetry



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‘Here lies my very heart,I wish to present it to you.’ -He said in a sincere tone.
‘I see,my friend.’ -Was the reply.

‘I am not able to think any longer,something seems to be holding back.’

‘What,pray tell,do you think to be the reason for this fact?’

‘Well,now that I think of it ,my creativity has been waning,owing to my inability to concentrate on my waking thoughts.’

‘May I ask why this difficulty has arisen?’

‘Of course you may,the information that you ask of me to impart would be no difficulty for me to provide.
I find myself unable to do so ,as my mind is clouded at this current juncture ,I find myself unable to create characters and a story of their own,when,as much as I try,I am too concerned with my own current hardships that life presents me with.’

‘I do understand how difficult things must be for you,or I think I do so,as I can only ‘see’ how you feel,so it is my aim to sympathize,please forgive me if I fall short of this aim.’

‘I feel assured that you feel that way,it is most agreeable to me,just that you feel that way,let alone bring it to my attention by use of vocalization is more than appreciated my friend.’

‘That is very encouraging to hear,do you think that you rely too much on what is digital,as opposed to that which is traditional?’

‘True beauty in any form of art is truly brought to life by physically creating it as a reflection of your soul,whereas what is merely typed cannot have the same effect,am I right in saying that I have the correct meaning of your words?’

‘You do perceive me correctly my friend. It is very astute of you to notice that fact,I do seem to think,pardon me for saying so ,I am only making a suggestion,after all.’

‘What is it that you have share my friend,does it relates on how to improve my writing prowess?’

‘I do indeed my friend,have you ever considered looking into yourself to create main characters as seemingly real to the reader as possible? Your feelings and opinions will unwittingly be written of course,but it will seem as though the ‘speaker’ is telling the tale,as opposed to the one who wrote it.’

‘For every point you have elucidated speaks very clearly to me,my friend. I strongly agree with all you do say,I have found this conversation most enlightening and I do not doubt that I shall be forever in your debt on the strength and value of your words. I do ,and I am truly genuine when I say this,wish impart to you how grateful I am,thankyou.’

‘I feel deeply humble that my words were able to evoke such emotions in you,so the thanks are entirely mine,my friend.’